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The Florida Food Policy Council (FLFPC) works to address gaps and affect policy within the food system through integrity and collaboration for the benefit of all Floridians and the environment. We are a grassroots organization formed to act as a resource for residents and elected officials within the state of Florida on the topic of food policy. We are publicly funded and a registered 501(c)3.

In a state with a wide-ranging set of needs and goals within the food system we aim to be the connector and facilitator for individuals, municipalities, counties, and state officials. The Board of the Council is comprised of experts in the fields of nonprofit management, food recovery, food distribution and purchasing, education, religion, policy, food system mapping, and of course, consumption of food.


“Food Policy Councils (FPCs) provide a unique forum for diverse stakeholders to come together and address common concerns regarding food policy including food systems, food security, farm policy, food regulations, health, and nutrition. Stakeholders include people such as farmers, city and state officials, non-profit organizations, chefs, food distributors, food justice advocates, educators, health professionals, and concerned citizens. FPCs bring together these stakeholders to share concerns and then utilize this diverse membership to act on common goals, thus influencing and shaping food policy. FPCs exist in various other cities and states, and have had much success in improving and amending policies to be friendlier to local food systems and improve access to healthy foods.” – Definition from the Lexicon of Food

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