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  • 27 Nov 2017 12:19 PM | Florida Food (Administrator)

    FLFPC Org Dev committee – meeting notes – 2017-11-27

    Next meeting:  Mon Dec 18, 2-3pm – check with committee members

    IRS 1023 –

    Part 4 – Rachel? Michelle? Heather?

    5 – 1a – Michelle – list of directors?

    2a – any personal / biz relationships among officers/directors?

    3a – list of who works how many hours

    Part 6 – 1a/b - what goods, services, funds to individuals & orgs? Check instructions for timeline?

    Part 7 - #2 – Schedule E

    Status of FLFPC w Sunbiz, IRS

    EIN: 27-3355815 – lapsed?

    Part 8 – 4d – what local jurisdictions for fundraising?

    • -          11 – gift acceptance policy
    • -          22 – educational grants?

    Part 9 – Rick – FY2015-2018

    Part 10 – g/h – which public charity test?

  • 19 Aug 2017 12:18 PM | Florida Food (Administrator)

    Florida Food Policy Council Policy and Issues Committee Meeting 08/19/17

    1. Brief Introductions:
    2. Updates on Statewide Councils (Mark, Sophie, Bakari):
    3. Updates on Statewide Food Assessments (Hannah):
    4. Committee Structure :
    5. Moving Forward
      1. Action Items:


    1. Agenda items for next meeting: 

  • 7 Aug 2017 12:20 PM | Florida Food (Administrator)


    Monday, August 7th, 2017 - 2:00pm to 3:00pm

    Present:Frank Wells, Steve Szmidt, Sharon Yeago, Rick Hawkins, Rachel Shapiro, John Buschmann

    I.            Regular day/time for call

    A.    4th Monday of the month at 2pm, next call 8/28

    II.     By-law revision

    A.    PDF & word doc in groupspaces under “files”

    B.    Sharon to work on Articles 3,4,5, & 6

    C.    Rachel to work on 1,2, & 7

    D.    Steve to work on 8 & 9

    E.    Rick to look at 10,11, & 12

    III.   Strategic Planning

    A.    Frank to come up with an outline/agenda and present to board for Nov. meeting

    IV.   Fundraising

    A.    Which members have grant writing experience?

    1.     Frank, Sharon, ?

    B.    501c3 application

    1.     Frank to head up committee

    2.     By-laws and articles of inc. need to be complete before filing

    3.     Agreed to file 1023, not EZ

    4.     By when do we want to have it filed?

    C.    List of funding prospects

    1.     Major donors,

    2.     Health Foundation of South FL, FL Blue, Foundation for a Healthy St. Pete, Winter Park Foundation

    D.    Budget

    1.     Frank to upload to groupspaces

    E.    Membership

  • 7 Jul 2017 12:17 PM | Florida Food (Administrator)

            Brief Introductions (please add yourself)





    Heather Henderson








    SE Region

    Hanah Murphy

    Playground City

    Orlando (Orange)

    Mark Landreth

    American Heart Association


    Jessica sullivan

    UF IFAS Extension

    Osceola Co.

    Sophee Payne

    FL Dept of Health in Sarasota County

    Sarasota County




    Breaking into groups within policy committee along w/ monthly check-in call

    Ultimate goal: do the work based on the needs of the state + data collected


    Ideas for how to organize?

    Joe + Heather: Action Group and Data-gathering Group; filling in mission-driven questions and a regional focus

    Rachel: caution about dividing into subgroups; ensure actionable items are aligned with larger council. Frame the mission clearly before diving into action. Define committee more clearly and set structure in place

    Hanah: “Action” group = collecting data and information along a framework (from Joe) + Data-Synthesizing group. Regional liaison to funnel channels of information


    Purpose: continue evaluating regional needs as they come and address policy needs, developing comprehensive assessment, developing county-level educational tool-kits, + 1-3 high (state) level priorities, identify gaps in state-level food policy


    Rachel: feeling nebulous about Policy + Issues committee mission. Suggestion: define specific goals and pointed mission. Focus on the results of the statewide data collection, and ensure the work is guided by research not by personal agendas.


    Heather: need some guidance from organizational development including mission. Pairing up for meeting information sharing to fall under action, education, or assessment


    Jessica: Assessment of 67 counties, very large task, what to ask and why?



          Joe: Summarize data from regions

          Identify statewide food assessments :Hannah

          Independent research on thriving statewide councils: Heather will decide and divy out.




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