There are several different committees, each addressing a specific need:


Governing & Nomination

The governance committee examines how the board is functioning, how board members communicate, and whether the board is fulfilling its responsibilities and living up to the objectives and aspirations set for itself and the organization. While all board members should understand the organization’s mission and goals, the governance committee must consider them with an eye on the board’s responsibility to guide the organization and what is required of the board to best accomplish that. The governance committee must be able to articulate the board’s vision and find the individuals who can execute it.

Specific committee responsibilities:
Find, keep, and/or get rid of board members.
Educate board members
Evaluate the board’s performance.

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The Development Committee exists to provide vision, guidance, planning, and activities that will assist the FLFPC Board of Directors (BOD) with maintaining the fiscal sustainability of the Florida Food Policy Council through revenue streams that are consistent with the FLFPC’s mission and Strategic Plan.

Marketing & Communication


The geographical size of our state, the volume and diversity of our food production, processing, distribution, consumption and waste, along with the challenging nature of local food policy make the delineation of regions desirable if not entirely necessary for our work as a state organization. As membership grows there will be further reason to have our members self-identifying within regions where they may gather to work and share ideas on local policy that are often best understood by colleagues within a similar region.

To coordinate, to make local and regional policy work productive and ultimately attractive, the position of Regional Liaison shall be established for each of FLFPC’s seven working regions.

Regional Liaisons are leading, supportive FLFPC members who live and work in one of the seven regions of Florida. Regional Liaisons are the first line of support to the membership in the region and the community itself on all matters including questions of membership, local policy, local planning and development, local and regional meetings and get-togethers, and general requests for information.

With overall direction from the Regional/Events Committee Chair the Regional Liaisons interact as needed with administrative staff, board members and other committee chairs to ensure coordination of FLFPC interests with other members residing in the region, local communities, governments, industry and non-profits involved in the five main areas of the food system.

  • The Regional Liaison is the leader and coordinator of FLFPC meetings within the region with full support from the committee chair, FLFPC leadership and administrative staff.
  • Regional Liaisons participate in monthly committee conference calls led by the Regional/Events Committee Chair.
  • The Regional Liaison conducts one membership meeting per year within the region and any number of get-togethers as are both feasible and desirable.
  • The Regional Liaison plays an active role in the annual membership meeting and the annual board meeting on behalf of their constituencies.
  • The position of Regional Liaison may be viewed as a logical step between general membership and full board membership.

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