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Request for Interviews for Book on Food Insecurity

17 Jan 2020 8:00 AM | Administrator (Administrator)

FLFPC member James Jiler is currently writing a book called "Food In Security." 

The book aims to address issues and solutions to food insecurity as told by people actively working in this field—from planners, to urban and rural small farmers, to market professionals and grass roots educators.
Increasingly, urban residents are relying on local food production to meet dietary needs and avoid a diet of factory farmed and processed calories.

James feels that people on the front line in 2020 are a vanguard and have much to offer policy planners, community activists, concerned residents and educators around the country. 

By learning about the work being carried out to address food security, James hopes to use the book as a platform everyone can learn from. 

If you are engaged in food security issues or would like to recommend a person or program that is, please contact James at jamesjiler3@gmail.com 

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