Call to Action for Farmers Markets

28 Mar 2020 11:30 AM | Administrator (Administrator)


Farmers markets in many cities have been shut down and are unable to operate, thereby decreasing valuable opportunities to increase food access for individuals as well as revenues for Florida farmers.


Contact your Florida state and local governments asking them to issue a statement affirming the essential role farmers' markets play for Florida’s farmers, economy, and communities across the State, and affirmatively equate farmers’ markets with grocery stores and other retail outlets for the purposes of Covid-19 containment policies.

Below is a sample letter:







Re: Urgent Action Needed to Reopen [NAME OF MARKET] As Essential Service During COVID-19 Outbreak

Dear [NAME],

I am [name and organization]. We, like so many in our community, are concerned with ensuring the health and safety of everyone during the COVID-19 pandemic, while supporting the resilience of our local small businesses and regional food system. During this time of crisis, it is more important than ever to ensure that farmers’ markets continue to safely provide fresh foods to the community members that rely on them, while providing essential markets for farmers. [INSERT INFO ABOUT ORG/MARKET AND HOW IT CONNECTS TO ISSUE. INCLUDE INFO ABOUT NUMBER OF FARMERS, AMOUNT OF MONEY THAT STIMULATES LOCAL ECONOMY, USE OF CALFRESH/MARKET MATCH/WIC, ETC.] 

For this reason, we are concerned that the [INSERT COUNTY OR CITY NAME] Farmers’ Market/s has/ve had its/their permit/s revoked and is/are now unable to operate. This means a significant loss in food access for the community and impacts the small and mid-sized farmers that rely on the market for their livelihood. [OPTIONAL: Use other local/regional examples] As of March 19th, Governor Newsom issued a Stay at Home Order, which lists farmers’ markets as one of a number of essential services that will remain open during the Order. Numerous Bay Area counties, through Shelter in Place Orders declared farmers’ markets as essential businesses. And many counties and cities outside of the Bay Area have also deemed farmers’ markets as essential businesses, including Los Angeles, Fresno, and Palm Springs.

[ORG NAME] writes to request that [INSERT NAME OF COUNTY/CITY OFFICE WRITING TO] take swift action to allow continued operations of [ENTER MARKET NAME(S)], as the market plays an essential role for California’s farmers, economy, and communities across the State. We ask that you equate Certified Farmers’ Markets with grocery stores and other retail outlets for the purposes of COVID19 containment policies. Many people in Florida, including those using CalFresh, Women Infants & Children (WIC) benefits, and Senior Farmers Market Nutrition Program vouchers rely on farmers' markets. [OPTIONAL: INCLUDE DATA ON CALFRESH, WIC, SFMN USAGE AT LOCAL MARKET] It is wrong to declare food stores as essential public services and not also farmers' markets.

The rigorous regulations that normally govern farmers’ markets exist to prevent the spread of infectious diseases, and so farmers’ markets and market vendors are exceptionally well prepared to enact additional precautions. [MARKET NAME(S)] are ready to initiate all guidelines for Farmers’ Markets, published by the Florida Department of Public Health (FDPH), and additionally, are initiating additional measures including [INSERT ADDT MEASURES HERE IF APPLICABLE] to keep market shoppers, vendors and staff safe and mitigate the spread of COVID-19. In addition, Farmers’ Markets specifically have a number of additional benefits as food outlets including:

  • A shortened supply chain means that food passes through far fewer hands than other retail outlets;

  • Markets are open air with space to move away from people if needed;

  • Market trips are brief, unlike prolonged events, and average shopper outings at the market average around 20-30 minutes;

  • Farmers’ market booths are non-permanent, so products are not constantly being touched 7 days/week, and can be wiped down regularly by vendors.

We urge [INSERT NAME OF COUNTY/CITY OFFICE WRITING TO] to take swift action to protect Florida Certified Farmers’ Markets, and the farmers who rely on them by reopening the [NAME OF MARKET]. The closure of our Certified Farmers’ Markets for several weeks, let alone several months, could result in the permanent loss of many of Florida’s family farms, which our communities’ food supply and economy relies on. 

We appreciate your consideration and look forward to partnering with you to help Florida farmers and farmers’ markets navigate this crisis.



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