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FLFPC 2020 Annual Membership Meeting Overview

8 Nov 2020 11:20 AM | Administrator (Administrator)

The FLFPC 2020 Annual Membership Meeting was held virtually on the 7th of November, 2020. During the meeting, members learned about FLFPC team updates and additions to the Board, as well as our current and ongoing projects. Members also discussed their projects and issues important to them. 

Now at 9 members, Chair Erica Hall, Vice-Chair Rachel Shapiro, Chair of the Development Committee Anthony Olivieri, Chair of the Policy Committee Dell deChant, Treasurer Tom Pellizzetti, Secretary Chris Johns, North Florida Liaison Martha Lang and Southwest Florida Liaison Jesse Haskins, and Southeast Florida Liaison Rick Hawkins, make up the Board.  

A number of team members including Operations and Communications Manager Kyndra Love, Head of Curriculum Development Sarah Brunnig, Research Assistants Cortney Szafran and Gabby Teixeira, Administrative Intern Artha Jonassaint, and Correspondents Rachel Ram and Candace Spencer, are also working hard on projects that will educate Floridians on policy. 

Among these projects are the Florida Food Policy Scan project, which looks at local land use planning documents to find policy gaps in access to food, the Florida Food Citizen Curriculum, which will be a tool to educate Floridians in becoming food citizens, the Florida Food Policy Toolkit, which will be a resource for individuals and organizations who are interested in affecting change in food systems in Florida, and the Florida Food Forum, which is an online interactive series that enables Florida food system experts, community advocates, and residents to discuss emerging issues that impact food. 

In 2021, FLFPC will continue to provide members and Floridians with opportunities to learn about policy and connect. 

The Annual Membership Meeting was a great chance to engage, and we were inspired by the passion and amazing work our members are doing around the state.  

A recording of the event is available to members. Reach out to info@flfpc.org for more information. 

A pdf of the presentation shown during the meeting is available for the public here. 

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